Friday, July 20, 2012

"Joke" an exploration of meta humor

watch to the end and watch it a couple times.
for the past three summers I have had the honor of teaching at the Vermont Governor's Institute on the Arts This summer, The Comedy Writer's Room created a fifteen minute sketch that looked at the evolution of Humor. The sketch ended with this video short which was intoroduced as the penultimate stage of comedy, "meta humor" (the ultimate stage is "meta-meta humor" which was a minute long video of a rock).
The Comedy Writer's Room Team: Allison VanNorden, Nhung Nguyen, Simeon Graden, Kassandra Morse, Grant Walker, Kathryn Winn, Shamus Peyton, Tessa Tallagnon, and Ericc Cram

the video is also available to view on vimeo:

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