Monday, July 30, 2012

when two professional worlds mash in a forest--

Earlier this summer I was hired by Blue Man Group to make some single panel cartoons. It was harder to do this than I expected, I think because I'm so close to the blue man character (January 2013 will be my ten year anniversary performing in the show) and because I've used cartooning and animation for the past seven years as my creative outlet outside of the show. The couple pitch sessions with Chris and Phil, original 'center' and 'right' blue men, went well but what what was difficult was deciding on what a single panel cartoon blue man should look like. How do you embody the different sides of the character in a cartoon? I'm happy with what I came up with and I hope y'all are too so let me know what you think. Every Tuesday for the next few weeks a new one will be posted on Blue Man Group's facebook page. Here's what's up there so far. A few of them are caption contests so post your caption!

 Cartoon number one: Three leashes. One dog.
Cartoon two: Foam hand business meeting.

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